Hi from the Big Island

Greetings! Retired here a year ago, living in an old school bus on 3 acres. Built all the furniture in the bus (think: tiny home) from 2x4’s and plywood. Off-grid on solar and water catchment and composting toilet. No refrigerator, no microwave. No sink even. Living on So-So Security. Only access to the outside world is tethering off my phone. And: absolutely loving it!

Lots of exercise, walking 3.5 miles a day up and down the volcano, which is active by the way. I’ve hiked to see the lava lake in the crater at dawn: an awesome and humbling vision!

Spent all my savings on the property here, so my short-term goal is to build up a little savings for emergencies. After that, the sky’s the limit I reckon. Sailboat to cruise the islands, etc. Watch this space!