Hi from Sawtell Australia

I’m Peter. I spent most of my working life as a construction project manager and I’ve dabbled in the internet since 1995 when I set up my first website.
It’s time I got serious about making money on line and I’m looking forward to John’s training.

Hi. I am Trista. First Internet business adventure ever for me. I am a full time student and counselor. I am super excited and look forward to the possibilities. I want to be a millionaire and I am ready to receive it!

Welcome guys!

Happy to have you with us, you’ll love the easy to follow training and excellent resources John has made available.

You also have access to the weekly Q&A webinars for additional support.

Good luck with your sales!

Hi Peter,

Sawtell must be a lovely coastal spot, I’m in Melbourne.

Best wishes for your success. This is my first experience of trying an internet biz as well.