Hi from Pearland,Texas

Hello everyone, my name is Shonta I live in Pearland, Texas glad to be joining the program. My goals is to keep cost low, to bring in increase amounts of revenue without increasing overhead or labor costs.

Hello Shonta. I hope your chosen goal is good for your future and you reach that goal.

Hi Shonta! I’m in Willowbrook, just got started myself. It would be fun to organize some local meetups :slight_smile:

Yes Kristin,

let’s do that give me your email address and i can send you my contact information.

Hey Shoran @shontamoore74, great to see you here now-I remember you from our Facebook group and I am happy you decided to get serious and take hot to the next level :muscle: we are all looking forward to seeing you succeed with this course-may it will bring you closer to your goals! John and the team welcome you and will be here to assist you with any questions that will come up as you go along with the course! Also the other students will do their best to make your life easier…so no need to worry about anything! In case you haven’t found out about our weekly webinars-simply click here. You will also find replay videos of all previous sessions. Go knock yourself out! Enjoy this journey!

Thanks, Bastian I really do appreciate it.

Hello, it is nice to know that there are other people here from Texas as well!

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