Hi from Pamela in Southern CA

My name is Pamela, I am an Interior Architect and Fiber Artist. I have many small goals along the way, but my ultimate goal is to provide a substantial income, so I can choose my design clients and do my Fiber Art for the love of creating, not for the income!

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Hi, @pamelark429! Welcome to the SAS family! We’re looking forward to helping you achieve your goal. :slight_smile:

Dear Pamela @pamelark429 :wink:

I’m always trying to send a few personal welcome lines to each of our new members…somehow your introduction must have slipped my mind - I am sorry, but rather late than never! Well, I guess you have already finished the welcome module…I honestly hope you enjoyed every second of it! And moreover I hope you can’t wait to jump right into the next module!
So once again WELCOME!
You probably know everything, still I want to remind you of our knowledge base - you will find here many instructions and tutorials for specific topics. So whenever you have difficulties, there is a good chance that you will find the answer somewhere here.
Have you already attended our live webinar yesterday?! In case you haven’t - next week you have another chance. Click here for the schedule.
And one last thing - since we are currently having our “Build your presell page”, I am expecting also your submission. Not only can you be in with the chance to win awesome stuff, but it will also be a really helpful practise for your whole expertise! Everything you need to know, will be taught to you in the upcoming modules. So I will be waiting for your submission! Click here for more information.

Keep working hard and always sty tenacious!!! All the best to you and hopefully you will soon be able to choose your design clients and delight the world with your art :blush: