Hi From Hungary

Hi Guys and Gals
I am from Hungary.
I am excited to be here.
Am a retired Pe teacher who want to make his first sale online

Hello, good to have you in class…
I hope to find many lifelong friends and associates
There are many sites online as I have been seeking for many years
All I can say is I am happy to be here and glad to be learning
Do not get frustrated as a lot, at least for me, is required to get things set up…
Take one step at a time, read read and re read, watch watch and rewatch all the information…If you take actions, sow seeds of thought you will be successful.
I know as a past instructor, the only individuals that do not succeed are butterflies, not stopping, relaxing and repeating, going over and over the materials, communicating with the helpful staff and applying what they learn.
In my situation, I had major medical issues and feel the coursework is rebuilding my knowledge base for success…
Many blessing and too your success

Hello and welcome to the forum!


Hi G Hopkins
Thanks for the kind receiving.
I hope everything is on the right way.
I try to work on it

Thanks, John
I like this community

Welcome @SportKLM51…

Enjoy Learning… :grinning:

Hello Laszlo,
It is good to see fellow Hungarians in our community. I wish you all the best with SAS.
Edward Nagy

HI Edward, thank you for your support
Laszlo Kiralyhegyi

Thanks Lea :grinning::sunglasses: