Hi from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Where the sun shines...and the water pours!

Hi everyone, I am Baudoin Daumerie also known as Bo. I am from Grand Rapids where the air is clean, the water is plenty and you can drive at 75 mph… Well, doesn’t that mean 80! :wink: The cold season was not bad this year…but obviously worse than in California :slight_smile:

I am semi-retired because I never retired… I loved my work as a software engineer/project engineer mostly as a consultant for the DoD, the defense industry. That means working on. … say the AEGIS project, the TOAC-85 project, the F-15,…, F-35, and some C3/Command-Control & Communication projects to name a few.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because around September 2015 I invented a C3 system for the ‘Home’, got an estimate for its prototype and it came to one quarter of a million dollars - $250,000 to be exact! If you knew the other deals I missed by a ‘hair’, you would understand that this did not put me down or discourage me! It only unleashed my brain waves to reach higher levels.

No sir! I doubled up on energy and excitement instead. A lot of things flashed through my mind like: “How am I going to come up with that kind of dough?”. One of the ‘de facto’ answers to this was the age-old “Joint Venture” or “Angel Investors” and the like: in other words, OPM or other peoples money! This would mean that a good chunk of my work would be lost to the investors, not withstanding the daily control and decision making required by the enterprise!

But, at that time a new breed of entrepreneurs had made their impact on the scene and those were the millionaires making it as “Internet Marketers & MMOs (Making Money Online)”.

I had stayed away from the Internet, Google, Facebook and social media in general because I had spend all my life solving problems in terms of DoD and aircraft software: I mean getting a technical problem solved based on a simple statement of what needed to be accomplished, and would not enjoy “surfing the net” as much.

However, another statement lurked into my mind and that was that, as an entrepreneur, you have to be able to wear many hats! So, these two statements about Entrepreneur/Internet Marketing became inseparable not withstanding the fact that the “Internet” was the future and that I could use “Internet Marketing” to promote my own C3 product!
I would be killing two birds with one stone: 1) Making Money Online using SAS as an Affiliate, 2) Making Money with my own C3 product!

So, when it came to choose between Investors and Learning MMO/Internet Marketing (IM), I chose the latter. Also as a successful Internet Marketer, I could pay for my prototype and not owing anyone anything, because that prototype will really be a deal maker when you see it in operation!

Since that decision was made, I have eliminated many paths in the Internet Marketing area that I had to take as a result on my accumulated past exploits. These paths opened my eyes as to what path to avoid in the future and allowed me to learn more about the IM field in the process.
This is how I finally ended up learning more about becoming an Affiliate Marketer and interested to learn more about promoting affiliate products.

It is as a result of being on Clickbank to do my research for promoting the Super Affiliate System that I fell in love with John Cretani’s system while altogether I had created a burning desire with an unwavering commitment to learn all I could about Affiliate Marketing.

As I learn more about IM and Affiliate Marketing (AM) in particular, things I focus on in terms of AM become more clear…And as they become more clear, they filter and penetrate my bones. That is when ‘success’ will reveal itself.

But, mind you, just the joy of this journey is bliss.

Now I want to state my goals here for everyone to see!

“I will be making $100/week by the April 17, 2019, 30 days from now-my ‘goal’. In return for this money, I will sell affiliate products using the SAS-Super Affiliate System. I will study and implement the SAS plan every day working every moment towards its achievement until my ‘goal’ is reached.”

I hope this leaves you with additional positive energy that guides you towards your dreams and goals, achievements and success.


Hi Bo!

Welcome to the Super Affiliate System!

I spent a summer in Michigan in 2008, living in Owosso and Lansing. Very humid, hot and soooo many mosquitos! :frowning:

Hi Bo, One of these years I am going to visit Linden Hills where a good friend owns a cottage on the lake! I am feeling your energy, and am looking forward to great relationships in here. Willie

Hi Willie, I am glad you feel what I feel about SAS and affiliate marketing…Thanks for sharing.

Hello Bo, welcome! Just as you are starting together. Great to know that there are people just like you who think alike. I am very confident and radiant with the idea of the SAS course and I believe in the success of everyone in the group! Let’s go to the top !!!

Great Mario, I am glad you liked it.
Lets move onward to our succcess.

I though I replied to this earlier, but it does not show here! The weather you are describing is not what I experience here in Grand Rapids…I experienced that kind of weather in Charlottesville, VA. It was real hot and humid there during the summer season.