Hi from France, Toulon

Hi everyone, I’m Stéphanie, from France, in the city of Toulon, near the sea in the south. I’m really happy to be here with you all. I’m a massage practitioner. I’m here to be financially independant, to pay all my bank loan, buy a house and adopt child. What a challenge !! :))


Welcome to the SAS family, @bokyli222! Glad to see you here joining the community. Hope to see more posts from you. :grinning:

You can accomplish anything you put your mind too
The best to you

Hi Stéphanie @bokyli222, your introduction was placed under a different category. I now moved it to the right place - and that’s the reason why I only respond to you now…so please forgive me the late WELCOME! :relaxed:
I really hope you are doing well otherwise. Have you been able to make good progress with he course?

Best regards and keep on working hard :v: