Hi from Casa Grande, AZ! ... Help requested

I’m having a challenge proceeding with the introductory course. Curriculum retention was not my forte even decades ago in school, but with hard work ended up in the top 10 percentile of my class.

I filled out and downloaded the syllabus and my business goals (worksheet) files. I then clicked “upload worsheet.” What seemed to follow was a page showing 0% complete, with the instruction to “click here” for pre-course survey. When I did so, the page then greyed out. Did I somehow miss a step? I’m certain I recall that my Zoom introduction call was recorded. I’m thinking I have access to that call? Please inform. I’m eager to proceed. Thanks!

Hi there,

I also had problems, but somehow got past them. You might try Chrome. It’ sometimes gives better results. That being said, there were differing types of problems with different modules. Send an email with the screenshots to [email protected]. You may or may not hear back and you would have to check the site to see if it was fixed, but doesn’t matter. Just keep working through the modules and try your best to reinforce the learning of each one by going to the recordings for the Office Hours, which are listed byu date/topic. Go to Events>Weekly Trainings,

Thanks. It was resolved before I read your reply. You’re right. Been having different setbacks along the way, but I’m certainly not giving up. Take care.