Hi everyone I'm Pauline from New Zealand

I’m retired after a life of varied occupations from: survey draughting, life insurance sales, running a B&B, etc. etc. Managed some travel and would like to do more. The next challenge is SAS Pro. Hope I haven’t left my run a bit late. The journey will be interesting at least.

Hey Pauline and welcome! You’re on my side of the planet. I’m in Oz. :grinning:

Hi Pauline,

Nice post and welcome from Scotland. My brother-in-law comes from New Zealand. I love to do some travelling and visit New Zealand and may be relocate there. I know it is a beautiful country.

Hi @Paula, Welcome to the SAS family! :clinking_glasses:

Hi Mak We may soon be able to visit now the big lockdown is almost over. Hope you are enjoying the journey.

We will make you welcome if you make it. I enjoyed Scotland and its people on my travels. Good luck on this challenge.

Thank you.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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