Hi everybody !nice to meet your here

hi iam lealyn starting my sas now i hope you help me guys here

Welcome Lealyn! Happy to have you join us!

You’ll find lots of helpful tips here and at our support site


You can always send us an email if you need help [email protected]

why i cant open my website

Hi @Lea32lyn

What issues are you having?

Please email our support desk, [email protected]

hi sabrina, thank you for replying my message,this is my question,the domain that i make on bluehost do i need to register it ?

It should be registered when you sign up.

i think i miss that part what should i do?

Hi everybody, I am Raman and just joined SAS yesterday. I look forward to interacting with the community and learning from others as I go along. I am new to this whole business. Thanks, everybody.