Hi All! So pleased to have found SAS!

Hi All
New here, all the way from NZ! So pleased to have found this system and looking forward to making some amazing progress. Can’t wait to get started!! All the best to the rest of you too.


Hello Michael @Santo, we are happy to see you joining us all the way from NZ! John and the team welcome you to the SAS family! We will do our best to assist you on this new journey, which hopefully will bring you all the success you are dreaming of! There is plenty of learning material waiting for you here- make sure you get all the work and the weekly assignments done properly! That will be your foundation. Additionally I highly recommend you to join our weekly live webinars- you will also find all the replay videos of our previous sessions available for you.
Have a great start, enjoy the course and see you around :sunglasses:

I’m ready for week 3, welcome! Let’s help each other! Sue

Thanks @BastianS, super excited to be here. Just picked up an issue with Clickbank but I found some info on the forum about it and have emailed them and your support staff. Hopefully it gets sorted quickly:crossed_fingers: as I am eager to continue with the course.

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Hi @Santo! Welcome to the SAS family! :smile:

:smile: Santo, glad that you are aboard…all the way from New Zealand, that has got to be exciting. It’s mind-blowing to see people from all over the planet

Thanks @benofresh2003, great to be here.