Hey!..Israa from Kurdistan- Iraq

Its my honor to be here and have a chance to meet an amazing people,
I graduated from college of Engineering as an Architect and immediately started working 9-5 Inever get what i deserved so i always knew i deserved more that’s why I decided to join this program as life changing challenge and looking toward for success, getting my business to the next level,… etc.

with my best wishes,
Thanks and Regards,
Israa :blush:

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It’s a honour to have you, Israa @israa.arch :star_struck: Welcome to the team and welcome to the SAS family!
Your honest and dedicated effort is all what it takes to be successful - we, the SAS staff including John, will to our part to support you as good as possible on this new endeavour :rocket:

Keep in mind, that there are some easy things that will help you to work more efficiently - here is a short list:

Best of luck and we are all looking forward to hear from you :sunglasses: