Hey from North Georgia Mtns!

I’m Lance and I hope you’re all crushing it! That’s my plan…

Grew up in So Cal and now I live in N Ga and enjoy riding the mountain roads and two large lakes nearby.
Spent 20 plus years in the fitness business and recently spent a couple years in motorsports service industry. i.e. Motorcycles, ATVs, Side by Sides and Jet Skis. Fun but I don’t want to work fulltime and commute five and six 10 hour days a week to stay ahead for another 10 years awaiting some meager retirement.
I’m here to take action on all I learn and learn from every action I take.

Looking forward to being engaged in the community.
There’s power in numbers!

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welcome to the tribe!
Nice to meet you I am jonathan maintenance man from Orlando florida. i own my company but i want a lap top life style before i am to old to enjoy it
Follow the training as laid out and you will rock

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Sounds pretty awesome, Lance @eastcobbpt! Welcome to the family! John and the SAS staff are super glad to see that your path has led you to us…we will do our best to support and assist you with anything that will come up in the next couple of weeks and months. We are ONE TEAM and your success is also our success!!!

Whenever you have a question, do not hesitate to reach out for our technical support at [email protected].
But don’t forget that this community and this forum right here will be your best companion - engage with all the other fellow students, all of them are aspiring marketers and a great source of both, knowledge and inspiration for you! Share your personal experience, discuss affiliate marketing, post your questions and help others whenever you can - simply benefit from one another and grow as a team!
You can also always search through our Knowledge Base, to find plenty of additional instructions and tutorials. On top of all, do not miss our Weekly SAS Live Trainings happening each Thursday.

Lastly I’d like to wish you the outmost joy on this new journey! Joy and hard work are an unbeatable combination - LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN! :wink: