Help With Google Ads

Hello…I’ve noticed that Google has upgraded their system since the videos in our SAS course. They now automatically input keywords based on the information on your pre sell page…should we use those keywords instead of the keywords john suggests or only use the keywords john suggest. he always says go with the script …thanks you

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Hi @vrock2017, I believe I already answered your email about this. let me know if you have other questions. :slight_smile:

I’ll be posting my answer to your question here as well for other students that may also have the same questions.
– If the product you are promoting on Google is SAS, then you may use the intent keywords that we have on your resources other than using the recommended keywords by Google.

You may also use keyword research to optimize your keywords.

However, I highly suggest promoting a safe niche product as your first campaign to avoid suspension.

You may check this article for your reference to staying compliant with Google and Facebook.

Also, you can watch a replay of our webinar here about how to do google keyword research.