Help with First Google Ads

Hello I am hoping someone can help make sense of my ads.

I have my first 2 Google Ads set up for SAS and Unlock Your Hip Flexors but I am not understanding what is going on. I have gotten over 120 clicks but only have 18 hops when I look at my Clickbank reporting. How does that work? It doesn’t make sense if Google shows me 120+ but Clickbank only shows 18.

And I had chosen ‘no phones/tablets’ in my Google Ads per the instructions on the course but almost all of my clicks seem to be coming through on phones according to the data from Google.

Can someone please explain?

Are these good ratios on spend and click through?

Also it says I have over 18k impressions. What is an impression and how is it different than a click? is 18k impressions to get to 120 clicks good?

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Hi @avfarm05,

So 120 clicks are from the actual ad. 120 people that searched on Google clicked your ad, got to the presell page. Out of 120 only 18 clicked your affiliate link from within your presell page, which leads to the seller’s page. A good CTR (click-through rate) would be between 10-30%. You got less than 10%, which means you need to work on your presell page and the congruency with your ad.

The impressions are the number of times your ad was shown when people searched a keyword. It was shown, but they did not click. Out of 18k, only 120 clicked. Again, we want this CTR to be above 10%. You should try to get rid of some of your keywords, as they seem to be too broad and you need to target people who are looking for a specific phrase.

Hope this helped. :blush:

I don’t have keywords and don’t know how to set that. These were Google Display ads.

I only used the pre-sell page from the course to promote SAS. I don’t know what you mean by congruency with the ad. I just followed the steps exactly as outlined in the course to set up the display ad and use the provided pre-sell page.


Oh, yeah, sorry, I missed the part that they were Display Ads, so yeah, you don’t need keywords.

Interesting how they are showing your ads on other devices. Go to Devices and make sure you only have desktop selected:


How long have you been running this campaign?

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I thought I had mobile and tablets set to 0 because I did the decrease by -100% but perhaps I didn’t do it right?

I just paused all the ads. Ran for about 10 days and over $450 spent and less than 100 hops according to my Clickbank dashboard and only 1 unique follow through to the order form page. The other 2 were my own to test and make sure things were set correctly. (I’m still not 100% sure that they are).

Honestly, I never ran display ads. I think they are more of a gamble. I like to take the safe road. I suggest you ask support for their help in checking what is right and what is wrong with your ads. $457 is a lot of money for only one order form.

I have asked support. They always respond but not very directly. A lot of leaving breadcrumbs and ‘see this article’ and ‘this webinar’.

Without someone dialing into my account and seeing what I did step by step I am not sure if I will be able to figure out what I did wrong.

Yes $457 is a lot to spend so that’s why I stopped the ad. But other than learning how to run it (and how to spend a lot of money) I didn’t learn much else. Hell, following the steps in the course I spent almost $1000 on solo ads without any results so I almost don’t know where to turn from here.

You spent $1000 on solo ads?!?! OMG! I hope you had your pixels installed. Solo ads are a gamble, just like display ads. Why didn’t you go for Google Search Ads? That’s the best chance to get sales.

You need to contact Ilya: [email protected]. He can take a look at your campaigns. :wink:

Didn’t have pixels installed. Not even sure how to do that properly. I’m just following along with the SAS course and doing everything in the videos.

Solo ads came before anything else so I started putting money into that. Only to find out later that they are a gamble and aren’t good for making direct sales. The way it’s pitched in the SAS course is ‘put money in and get money out’

It wasn’t until I started contacting all of my solo ad providers that I found out they aren’t good for making direct sales but are better for building an email list which SAS does not teach.

Same with Display Ads. It’s presented in the SAS course as a good way to advertise on Google, it’s not really pitched as a gamble. Google Search Ads are presented in the course as more of an advanced topic so that’s why I haven’t dived into that yet.

I have reached out to Ilya and SAS support and that’s where I say I’m getting the ‘follow the trail’ where it’s ‘read this article…watch this video’ and then I end up with 4, 5, 6 other tabs open and a bunch more questions that lead me down a different path than I started on.

Needless to say Super Confused!

I do agree with you regarding the solo and the display ads, that they’re not presented as they should be, but the Support Team is actually right. They cannot really help you if you don’t know the basics, like what impressions are and what is the difference between an ad click and a hopIink click. You need to know this before you start advertising.

My advice is the same as theirs: just go through the course and the trainings with Ilya and make sure you pay attention. They explain all this. The webinars are gold. Ilya even says at one point, I don’t remember where but I think it was in the course, to not do solo ads until you install your pixels. This is the only way you will gain some clarity. If you skip the lessons and the webinars you will end up confused, as you already are.

I have been watching all of the lessons and most of the webinars each week and following along and taking notes.

You need to start watching the webinars from the beginning. People ask questions that you have. There is no way you won’t gain clarity after watching them.

I hope you are right because I don’t think I could possibly be more confused and directionless on where to go now. And this is part of the problem, I start getting different advice from different people and don’t really know which way to go.

Not that I don’t appreciate it because I know you’re trying to help, but like I said everyone tells me something different. “Do this first, watch this first. Don’t do that, do this because this is what really works” etc etc and then I end up with multiple tabs open, multiple new things to read/watch and feel like I start going sideways and not forward.

Let me ask you something: What is the reason you’re taking this course? All the information you have here you can also get online. Let me tell you why: because you cannot put the pieces together by yourself and you need help. Right? So if you’re gonna start listening to people and jumping from one thing to another you might as well go back to YouTube videos. The only way you gain perspective and clarity is when you follow in order. You need to have patience. Just like a house, you cannot build anything on a rocky foundation.

First watch the modules as they are in order, then the webinars. All of them.

I know, it’s a lot and it’s gonna take a long time. You’re gonna get frustrated with me because you wanna see results fast, but this is the best approach. Otherwise, you might as well keep gambling your money away.

Watch and learn, practice as you go, set up the campaigns and pause them afterwards. You will learn new things, so you can come back and make some changes to your campaigns, like keywords and targeting. In the end you will gain enough knowledge and confidence to know which ones to run and which ones to discard.

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Thanks I appreciate it

You’re welcome! :blush: