Help on setting up Google Ads (from start)

I actually have two questions…

First, Week 3 modules on setting up Google Ads seem to have been taught by John on an older interface… the Google ads pages are entirely different now. I dont even know how to find where hes telling us to click… so, I’ve done as much as i possibly could on my own but i am stuck on what to do next… i don’t know if the ad has been done properly or how to even test it…

Also, why cant i find anything anywhere on setting up FB ads in our resources? is the program no longer teaching us how to use FB ads? Did i miss that lesson??

Feeling lost and abandoned here, any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @rwilkinshh! I understand the confusion. You may check this link for the updated Google ads set up to help you.

Also, we have included a link on the lesson that will direct you to the updated training video as well.

And Facebook set up will be discussed on your week 5 module. :slight_smile: