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Help! I'm sure I've missed something!

I’ve just completed every one of the course videos I’m allowed to—all the welcome modules and week 1. The training and the site are excellent, by the way. The lessons have been easy to follow.

Until I got to Week 1, Lesson 13–Common Setup Mistakes. John says, “Hopefully you saw everything it takes to set up your business, and you did everything because nothing works unless you do, okay?” and “You can watch the videos but they’re not gonna set up your internet business for you.”

This was the 23rd video I watched, and none of them talked about how to set up my internet business?! What videos is John talking about?

He goes on to say, “If you haven’t done the work yet, stop this video and go back through the steps and do the work … This is a whole new business.” What STEPS??

Then later in the video, he talks about things that don’t make sense, like excluding mobile, not using a ‘domain link?’ And something about a domain that was registered with Bluehost. What the heck is Bluehost? I’m sure I missed a major chunk of the course somehow.

Look, I viewed a lot of intermediate material, which I appreciate, but I zoomed through all the videos because I expected to have my business and domains and dedicated email set up right quick so I could start making money right away. I’m prepared and anxious to do the work if only I knew what work to do!

Please let me know where to find the missing setup videos. I’m itchin’ to make some dough as you promised in your webinar.

PS: Week 1 Vid 15: Affiliate Marketing Basics Recap didn’t recap anything. It seems to me to be the final wrap-up of the whole course. It would be nice to see a summary of the takeaways from week 1 and some suggestions about what to review.


Hello Craig

AMEN! I agree with everything you just mentioned. It’s inconclusive what DO THE WORK actually means at week 1??? We are left not knowing if we have tasks to do or as you say, we missed something although we sat through hours and hours of instructions, the instructions are incomplete. I can’t wait for week two as this needs to become a whole clearer for it to be useful.

Also, I have spent hours trawling through the forum, which is time wasting and frustrating. It would be far better if the course explained everything thoroughly rather than relying on us searching through questions and complaints and issues to find out how things work.

We need to feel informed and empowered, not confused and silly.

You posted this in Dec 19 and now we are in Feb 20. Please let me know how you progressed and if it’s been successful.

Greatly appreciated.