Hello to all I am David Neblett from Barbados

Hello to everyone here , My name is David Neblett I am from Barbados I was a former banker now retired, I will be 65 years old come the end of this month.
I am here because I’m looking to supplement my small pension and take of my ongoing medical bills.
I hope to meet and make many friends here to learn and to share.
My main goal is to learn all I can about setting up an online business, short term I would like to generate $5000 with in the first two months and move on to greater things like 10 or 20 thousand per month.
Thank you.

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Hi David @accra20, so how has the first two weeks with us been for you?! Surely there is a lot of new things that might seem overwhelming. But be patient - things will soon start to smoothly fall into place and you will start to make your first proper steps forward.
Here is a little reminder list of all the things that will make your journey easier, in case you are not aware of them:

Keep rocking it and best of luck - we are all looking forward to hear from you :sunglasses:

PS: Please upload a profile picture!