Hello to all from Tustin, MI

Hi, I’m Jim and I’ve been studying affiliate marketing from different gurus for a couple of years, but somehow nothing really stuck. Many were too fast or just did things I thought were unethical. So I’m really glad to have found my way here to John Crestani’s SAS Pro course. I just finished the Welcome Module, and already I can see that this is much different than anything else I’ve seen. He takes education seriously, and that’s a good thing, because there’s a lot to learn.

Looking forward to chatting with you and sharing both failures and successes. Have a great day!


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Dear Jim @j1m53m4il. Great to meet you. How is the training so far going for you?! On behalf of John and the whole team - let me once again welcome you to the SAS PRO training!

Here is a short reminder for you - make sure to embrace all these points in your daily work with the course modules:

Work hard and invest your honest and true dedication - success will only be a matter of time!
Best of luck and we are all looking forward to hear from you :sunglasses:

PS: Thanks for uploading a profile picture!