Hello - Praladh from UK

My name is Praladh Sondhi. I am from the UK and am currently an accountant with traditional business interests and a small accounting practice looking after a handful of clients that have been with me for over 20 years. I run the finances for a 36 bedded successful Care Home and sometimes get involved in the operations as well. I have worked as an accounting contractor with many international and multinational companies. I am now looking to start and create a successful Online Business and my goal is to generate an income of £ 60,000 per annum, after expenses and taxes by the end of Sep 2024 and scale this to £ 360,000 per annum, after expenses and taxes by the end of Dec 2025. This level of income will enable my family and I to travel to destinations around the world, travelling business class or first class and to stay in luxury accommodation and hotels. This income will also enable me to contribute my time and money to be involved in clean water projects in East Africa and India and to create educational and health centres where required.

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