Hello, New from Northern California

Hi everyone,
Joined only a few days ago and yes I am very anxious. I have been a professional (corporate) resource as a developer, team lead, manager, and now primarily contract work. Very tired of the ups and downs. Tried affiliate marketing for some 10 years but on my own, and was not successful. Very much looking forward to moving along and learning and making some money to focus on this fulltime.
Let me know if I can help, or if questions etc.
Thanks everyone!

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Hey Dennis, I too have just joined the program. I am currently a massage therapist of 20 yrs and aspiring to be a coach. I am planning on becoming a millionaire in the next year so that I can enjoy creating my new life with no more financial worries! So excited to at last create the freedom that my soul is longing for.

Great to meet you!

Hi Alicia,
A very good plan!! I am there with you! Working thru my list of niches and sub-categories to see what stands out for me to focus on.
Thank you!