Hello, I am Andres From Costa Rica

Hi everyone,

I just say hello, and I really want to finish this course with success and be able to do the ads very well.

Thanks for all your help


Hi there, @andresrosales1989! Glad to see you here. :grinning:

Hi Andres @andresrosales1989, so how far have you come in the meantime?! Surely you are kicking it, but just a little reminder: do not rush through the course, rather take your time and revise, apply and try out all the skills you have been taught before you continue with the next module.
Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the training?!
Here is a little list of all the things you should keep in mind while dedicating your time for the SAS PRO each day:

Work hard and best of luck!
Also we would love to hear about your progress once in a while :+1:
You got this!