Hello from Wisconsin

Hello, Josh here from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Been dabbling online for a long time but have never ran paid ads to landing pages and wanted to learn more about that, so here I am! Excited to work through the material in the course and act on the things I learn.

Hello Josh @meetjoshparker :sunglasses:
Welcome aboard! I hope you are enjoying the course so far?! Hopefully you will soon successfully implement all the knowledge you will learn here.
It’s all up to you and your engagement…so stay hungry and get the work done!
Alright, I guess you are already a bit familiar with the course environment here - anyway let me point out a few important things:
If you require any help, simply reach out for us - the SAS team is looking forward to be working together with you. If you have a questions, make sure to search the forum for past conversations as well as our Help Desk for tutorials and instructions. There is a high chance you will be able to find your answer in one of these. Else I’d recommend you connect with our wonderful community, which is packed with like-minded people and experienced marketers.
On Thursdays you have the opportunity to join our Weekly Super Affiliate Live Training Sessions with my colleague Ilya. If you are unable to attend, you can watch the replay videos.
“Build your presses page” is the contest we are currently running for all our SAS members - do NOT miss your chance to win cash, 2 months of Inner Circle and other great prizes. So I will be expecting your submission till 10th May latest! :v:

That’s it for now…keep working hard and you will soon be able to make a good profit out of this! Stay safe and healthy! :muscle: