Hello from Vegas

Hi Everyone,

I am Bina from Las Vegas. I think I stumbled upon John’s program late night Instagram surfing and online clothes shopping. Fate led me here today as I was itching to get a start on a new career after being a stay-at-home Mom for 8 years after our fourth child was born. My youngest son was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis early January of last year, but now stable on his new medication since September.

I have worked in Marketing for 25 years since the age of 19 at my father in law’s financial and legal practice. I was also a life insurance agent for many years. I have also worked several years in operations and business development in an American accredited K-12 school in Vietnam.

My husband is an attorney and I now returned to work 3 years ago as a Registered Agent for Service of Process in Nevada (a subset of his law practice). My goal is to save up for Retirement and to put more funds into our son’s Special Needs Fund. I hope to eventually include my children or son into this business as well.

I love photography and art, reading, travel, and gardening. Our family loves animals and have 2 dogs, 4 cats, a fat tail gecko, 2 quails, a bearded dragon and lots of fish - we would love a lakehouse or ranch one day as a family retreat.

Looking forward to this business journey! Thank you John and Team for creating and sharing this community.

I tag you because you are from Vegas, and my wife & I did our 50 years anniversary there, and it is the start of our vacation club. Yes I took the course to be a paralegal. Maybe one day we can see you in Las Vegas. We are sharing our son dog and he takes me on a half mile jog every morning.

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Happy Anniversary and best wishes on your success!