Hello From the State of Florida

Hello, my name is Luz Alvarez and I’m a painter .I Like what I do but it’s just not the Income that I would love to make. There is so much that I would like to offer my kids. I know deep in my heart I will not be able to do so by continuing to do what I do for a living. My kids are getting older and the ship keeps sinking. My goal in this program, is to be able to create a passive Income, that can rise the ship above the waters, creating the freedom I would like to have leading to Independence. I believe that affiliate marketing would give me the time That I want to spend with my children specially now that they are getting to that age where I know for a fact that they will need me as closer to home as possible. Success (Freedom), has always been in the back of my mind, just never had the opportunity to follow it up until now.

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Hello Luz @ravelomanzanillo :money_mouth_face: How is the training so far going for you?! On behalf of John and the whole team - let me once again welcome you to the SAS PRO training!

Here is a short reminder for you - make sure to embrace all these points in your daily work with the course modules:

Work hard and invest your honest and true dedication - success will only be a matter of time!
Best of luck and we are all looking forward to hear from you :sunglasses:

PS: Thanks for uploading a profile picture!