Hello from the Rocky Mountains

Hi everyone, my name is LaTrice. I have always been intrigued about affiliate marketing and new it was a great way to make money. So I am excited to learn, take action, and make money. My goal is to quit my 9 to 5 within the next year. Ready for 2020 to be my best year!

Hello LaTrice,
I’m excited as well. Let’s do it!!!

Hey, @shawnwhite389
Where in the Rocky Mountains? They work their way up the whole continent! I lived in Alberta for a long time. That’s as rocky as it gets. The skiing is awesome.
I’m feeling a little LifeStyle comment in there somewhere!

Hey Craig,

I live in Colorado. I used to drive through Canada a lot when I was a truck driver. Nothing like seeing the beauty Canada has to offer by driving from one side of the country to the other. I hope to have that be my next vacation spot.

Thanks for the reply. I just noticed you have the same name as the snowboarder/gold medallist. Are you any relation??