Hello from Sultanate of Oman

Hello all

How are you … I am so happy and excited to be part of this community and I am honored to be able to learn from Ms. John Crestani … He is the best. :clap: I’ve registered in to his course without any hesitant because I know deep in my heart that he is the one who will help me and assist me and guide me through in order to become successful at the affiliate marketing field. . ( kindly excuse my English its not good i know ) :cry:

My name is Muna. I am 35 years old … I worked before as a staff nurse for 12 years it was amazing and beautiful experience. After that i don’t know what happened … I got sick and i couldn’t be able to continue to work again because i started to get Depression and panic attack episodes … My Health situation kept me away from family, friends and the whole community. I was alone and isolated and my self esteem was so low … However, I’m on meds now for more than 15 years. I accepted my situation and i tried my best to live normal as i could and to work on myself mentally, physically and financially too… I tried every thing to be able to have a dependent personal career but I failed a lot and i did a lot of mistakes during my whole attempts but its ok i accept the failing and used it as a goal for my successful achievement … I learned a lot from my mistakes and I became more confident about my self. I’ve been trying to work on my self to build a career that suits my ability. I have a quit good experience in online shopping, drop shipping and Selling products online just to get a quite stable income but it consumed my money, time and even my health.

knowing about Mr. Crestani’s affiliate program & courses for me was like a blessing and a dream come true. I promise my self ill be following every single instruction provided by him and all the teachers and i promise ill be committed till the end of the course and even later. Thank you so much Mr. John and all the team for all your help and support … I really appreciated. I’m telling you I’m Lucky and all of you should be lucky and thankful because you had the opportunity to enroll in to the program and to become a part of the change and success of others.

Love you :heart:

Ms. Muna


Hi @Muna! Welcome to the SAS family. :grinning: We are truly happy to have you here
And it’s good to know that you have learned from your mistakes. You just need to keep on learning and success can only be possible by correcting and learning from your mistakes.

Looking forward to working with you and we wish you the best of luck. :grinning:

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ohh im so happy thank you so much for your kind words :cry: :heart: :smiley:

Welcome Muna and have a great time here, let’s hope that we would be able to help each other with our experience :slight_smile: If you would need anything just drop me a message, I am working as SEO/UX Specialist and run a few blogs by myself, now decided to try affiliate marketing also.

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Thank you so much for your kind words … really appreciated. wish you all the best :pray: :grinning:

Same for you! I would love to hear back from you when you would start implementing what you have learned here.

Wow, I am overwhelmed by all the LOVE you are spreading out to all of us!!! This is amazing and I’d like to thank you for all this positive energy…it is so contagious! :star_struck: Especially after reading your personal story, I am deeply impressed by your attitude! “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” and therefor you are a WINNER already! You are absolutely amazing and John and the SAS staff are happy to have you aboard! :heart: The whole team will be assisting you to make your journey to success and financial freedom as smooth and joyful as possible! Success is the sum of little progress that you are going to make day-in and day-out! And your job is to work consistently and stay focused at all times! With these essentials, there will be tremendous results waiting for you down the road!

Whenever you have a question, do not hesitate to reach out for our technical support at [email protected]. More importantly I’d like to encourage you to make use of our forum and engage with your fellow students - all of them are aspiring and passionate marketers. This helpful community of like-minded people will be a great source of both, knowledge and inspiration for you! Share your personal experience, discuss affiliate marketing, post your questions and help others whenever you can - simply benefit from one another and grow as a team!
On top of you should regularly use the Knowledge Base, where you can find plenty of additional instructions and tutorials.

One thing you must not miss are our Weekly SAS Live Trainings happening each Thursday. My colleague Ilya will guide you step-by-step through selected topics and you have the chance to ask any questions in the dedicated ‘Q&A’ part. Don’t miss it!

My very last request for you is: Please upload a profile picture.
Ok, now that’s all from my side - let everything sink in and get comfortable with the course environment…everything might seems a lot at first, but trust me -once you got your feet wet with everything, things will start to smoothen up! You are going to enjoy this course and you are going to achieve all of your goals! You got this, there is no doubt about it!
Let’s go :rocket: