Hello from Southeast GA

Hi everyone, my name is Natalie and I live in Georgia. I am a traveling Registered Nurse. My goals are to be a successful student of John Crestani’s by making my first sale online, to make 100,000 a month, become debt free, travel the world, be a good humanitarian and live a life free of a JOB!!

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Hi Natalie! Welcome to the team! Great goals, go ahead!
If you need any help we are here for you.

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Thank you so much for your support


Welcome Natalie:grinning:
I hope you achieve all that you’ve intended to achieve and more.
I work in mental health and also have a goal of being more free in live and expressing that humanitarian spirit.
I’ve just got through week 2 of the training and would encourage you to continue visualising your goal daily, and also touch base with the community while going through the modules.
You might want to save spending any money on advertising campaigns until you’ve done a few training sessions in week two.
So far I’m really enjoying the course, but have found the order of training slightly confusing, but making more sense now i’ve completed week 2
Wishing you every success with this training

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Welcome to the forum, Natalie!

Wow! That is some goal (the $100,000.00 a month).

I’m actually looking for $5,000.00 a month myself. If more comes in, great.

If you follow the course set up here you’ll hit your goal.