Hello from South Africa

My Name: Arthur Purdy
Occupation: Senior Primary Teacher
My Company: P.S.Marketing Solutions
My Goals:
2 Month goal - Make enough to recuperate the investment for this course.
1st year $5,000 per month
2nd year: $10,000 per month
3rd year: Purchase a farm !

I’m so stoked about being here. Cant wait to get going!

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Hi @purdymarket! Glad you’ve joined. Welcome to the SAS family! :sunny:

Hello and Welcome, Arthur @purdymarket :sunglasses:

Lovely to have another South African aboard! Nice to see you have well defined goals! This will help you stay focussed all the time! I also read about your plans with the farm and the orphanage…this is so heart warming and it will make me so happy to hopefully see you succeed soon! I honestly want you to be able to turn these dreams into reality!

Let me quickly introduce you to the SAS team - click here and get familiar with our faces. We will be here to support you in the next couple of weeks. More important than contacting us, will be your interaction with our other students. Use this community to grow your knowledge…you are surrounded by like-minded people and everyone is on the same path. So get connected with the others, offer your help and simply get engaged in discussions. We also have a knowledge base where you will find tons of instructions and support.
We also offer a free weekly webinar to all of our students. These sessions consist of a lecture part and a Q/A part. Go check the schedule right here.
And lucky as you are - you just joined us in time to be participating in our “Built your presell page” contest. We have fantastic prizes waiting for you -so you do not want to miss this!!! Everything you need to know, will be taught in the upcoming modules of the course! Get the detailed information about the contest right here! I’m expecting to receive your submission before 18th April! :four_leaf_clover:

Alright Arthur, that’s it for now! Please make sure to enjoy the course…but work hard and stay focused all the time! All the best :v: