Hello from San Diego, CA

Hello all - looking forward to learning and interacting with everyone.


Welcome to the SAS family, @allomada1! Glad to see you here in our community. :grinning:

Welcome to the tribe
nice to meet you
follow the training as it is laid out
take advantage of all of the resources
and listen to John’s advice and you will rock
take action


Hi Dan @allomada, it’s my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of John and the SAS staff. We are looking forward to connect and collaborate with you in the upcoming future!
Whenever you have a question, we will be here for you - so do not hesitate to reach out for our technical support at [email protected].
Also make use of our super helpful community of aspiring marketers - use this forum to share your knowledge, ask for help and inspiring each others. Teamwork is the key to fast and smooth success!
Use our Knowledge Base, to search through plenty of additional instructions and tutorials. And most importantly - do not miss our Weekly SAS Live Trainings happening each Thursday.

Lastly, please upload a profile picture!
Enjoy the course and make the most out of this fantastic opportunity! Your future self is going to thank you :muscle: Let’s go!