Hello from Rob in (not from) Indiana

I’m a little late on my introduction but hello everybody! I’m actually a marketing guy for the construction industry (roofing / solar / hurricane protection) from North Carolina but the ol’ Covid left me temporarily trapped in Indiana. Instead of enjoying a cornfield vacation I decided to give Johns program a shot with my rapidly dwindling funds. Did the first leg of the training and applied what was learned. If any of you guys are concerned about the money you’ve spent to join, don’t be. Take a deep breath, relax and follow the program, it works! I do have a VERY outdated background in affiliate marketing but I checked my ego and followed step by step(maybe I jumped the gun and ran a few different ads). Roughly a week in and saw my first sale this morning on a weight loss product. Not enough to pay for the course, but $200 made on a day I spent in the park playing with my daughter has me pretty excited. Follow the course! John is for real!

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Way to go :stuck_out_tongue::raised_hands::clap:

Hi Rob!

Love your mindset, you really decided to take advantage of your situation!! And so glad to hear about your results, that’s amazing!! All the best! :grinning:

Wow! congrats on your sale @RobC! Here’s to more sales. :clinking_glasses: