Hello from Phoenix!

Hello everyone! I’m Robb from Arizona! I’m excited to start this process and learn as much as my head will hold. I’ve been in IT for the past … almost 20 years, but now I want to escape the rat race, get my time back, and still make money.


Hi Robb! It’s awesome to see that you are top-motivated for this new journey with SAS :100: Welcome to the family!
We are already looking forward to see you succeeding with our program.
So whenever your ‘head can hold it’, make sure you join us at the weekly WEBINARS. You will also find replay videos of each session, so you can just watch them according to your schedule. Those webinars offer plenty of extra knowledge, so I highly recommend you take this extra effort.
We also would love to see you participating in our forum here. Connect with the other students and share your experience in the affiliate world!
I also want to introduce you to our team. Let’s succeed and have fun together :sunglasses:

I know what you mean Robert, get out the rat race. I am working on that as well. Hopefully we can get out together


robert, levon here good luck to you and findng your way to freedom.

That’s an awesome jump! Sounds like an interesting transition too, coming from IT.

Robb!!! I also am from Phoenix! hopefully we can succeed at this thing together!!