Hello From Nebraska

Hello, My name is Deanna. I’m currently multitasking. I’m a CNA/MA by night at an assisted living three 12 hour shifts/week, while on my days off (and sometimes even while at work LOL) I’m a fairly new Entrepreneur. I got my Business LLC and it’s all legal, now I just need to learn how. I’ve been in healthcare field never business. So I’m totally in a whole new league. I refuse to back down from something I have decided to accomplish. I have tried two other affiliate marketing groups and tipped my toes into other options, but then I found this (even though I declared Affiliate marketing not my thing) with basically a subconscious pull to do this. My goal is to accomplish this so I can retire from healthcare, focus on this, make the flow of income that will take care of my family and then my when I’m older…while leaving my children a legacy not my debts. those are some of my goals. I am 53 this next month and wanted something I could do even when I’m older… as long as I have my brains/mind, eyes, and fingers, then i will keep doing this to keep me out of trouble LOL As far as success stories… not so pretty at this time… I’ve learned I am impatient and accomplishment oriented ( I like to see some type of results rather than Lots of efforts for no flowing income). My Story is NOT done… next chapter… Let’s figure this out and get to the end of the book together shall we?

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