Hello from Montreal, Qc, Canada

Hi everyone! I’m Charles. I live in Montreal (Anjou), Canada. I bought this course because I think it’s a great complement to the course I’ve been following since late August, Commission Hero, by Robby Blanchard. He 100% focused of FB ads. And that works great for some people. I have learned a lot. Yet, I prefer a more open system, where I will advertise on different media. I also prefer, if possible, to sell high-ticket/high-commission items, like SAS. So I joined in order to know more about this course and hopefully sell it better. My short-term goal is to reach $1000 a day in commissions. And then scale this to $10+K per day within the next year.


Welcome to SAS and the forum, Charles! :grinning:

Yes, I can just imagine how much fun it is going to be seeing those SAS sales in our ClickBank accounts.

Especially when we’re popping $450.00+ a sale! :star_struck:

Let’s make it happen.




Welcome to the community, Charles!

Please let me or @IlyaG know if you need any assistance.

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Welcome to the community @pixelum! I’ll try to keep the celebratory champagne bottles stocked for ya! :sweat_smile:


Hi everyone I am new student with SAS, I have difficulties building my website on bluehost, my english is not my first language that is not helping me getting things quickly

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Thank you Sabrina and Ilya! :slight_smile:


Make it happen Indeed! :slight_smile:


Hello, I understand you perfectly, English is not my language either but i am committed to learn, never give up!