Hello from Massachusetts!


My name is Kevin from MA. I’ve been in IT for way too long & have tried to start other on-line businesses with little success. I started with the SAS about 2 days ago & so far I have my first ad campaign created & approved. It starts tomorrow morning & runs for a week. My initial financial goal it to be CONSISTENTLY netting $100/day. After that I’ll go for $200/day etc…


Welcome to the SAS program Kevin.

Keep posted and good luck.

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Hi Kevin! Great to have you with us!

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Welcome Kevin, it’s great to have you in SAS :grinning:

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Welcome Kevin - glad you are here!

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@ktrenaud Hey Kevin! I grew up in MA but now live in MN and I can’t wait to bring my family there to visit the beautiful landscapes again, my goal is the success with this program, to be able to give my kids and kids the life they really deserve!

Hi Kevin,

I am also from Mass. (Worcester). Best of luck to you in your business.