Hello from Italy

I’m happy I’m starting this path and glad to be here! Wishing the best of success to everyone here!

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Hello from Liverpool, UK. I am also just starting… All the best on your journey and good luck!

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Welcome Ignazio! We’re looking forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Hi Ignazio, I love Italy. I’m from UK and just starting today. Wishing you all the best.

Hello from Tacoma Washington! Nice to meet you and I hope to the best!

Ciao! Come stai?
buona fortuna!! con il corso.

Hello everyone,

thanks for the answers and encouragement. All the best for all of you!

Hi ignaziodisalvo
welcome to the community!!
I too am new here and excited to begin creating the life I desire.
I hope your succeed beyond your present goals.
All the best


Wishing the best for you too!

Good luck to you too!

Thanks…looks pretty good so far
Taking actions scary but pretty exciting too