Hello from Ireland

Hi everyone, im Terry Douglas, I’ve only just joined and I’m very excited to be here,I hope t get to know you better as time goes on ,I come from a sales background, I have been running my retail packaging business for the last 16 years and I really love what I do and will keep it going. Why I am doing this is for a couple of reasons, I see it as a fantastic opportunity for the future, for both adventure and financial security, it fits in nicely with what I’m already doing time wise and it’s a great platform for talking to different people from all over the world .
As a newbie I can’t wait to see the whole system up and running and making money but I know there’s challenges ahead before that can happen, until we chat again good luck to you all.

Hi Terry! So excited to meet you and also look forward to learning and growing within this great community! I know this will be a successful journey for you!

Thank you so much for your warm welcome I look forward to speaking with you again soon.


From Lee UK

Thank you very much.