Hello from Indiana, lets get this

Hello, I’m Nick, 35 and a maintenance mechanic. I work about 10 or more hours a day not including the commute. I have three children and I’m tired of them not seeing me like they should. It breaks my heart knowing that I have to go to work and not even see them. So goal is to get out of this current lifestyle and create a new one where I can spend quality time with my children.


Awesome goal and motivation you got there.

Really looking forward to your success.

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We wish you the best of luck with your affiliate marketing business. :grinning:

Dear Nick @1nickb63 - I think we can all relate with your situation…therefore we, that’s John and the SAS staff, will do our best to make your journey to success and financial freedom as smooth as possible! Combined with your honest effort and your daily dedication, nothing will stop you from reaching your goals! Let’s make this happen!

Good luck and always know that it’s easier to overcome challenges as a team - so connect with our community right here, post your questions and your suggestions and simply make use of the forum!

PS: Please upload a profile picture! :v: