Hello from Glasgow, Scotland!

Hi Im Shavana from sunny Glasgow, Scotland! I’ve just finished the welcome module and its getting real now, haven’t done something that uses my brain since my uni days so its a little daunting but Im raring to go!!
Im a stay at home full-time mum of 3. Im totally new to this but Im super excited to get going!!! :smile:

Hi from Senegal,
I am Adama from Senegal. I am a Doctor working in Africa.
I watched accidentally John Crestani in one of his numerous youtube ads and decided to jump in this training. It’s a big adventure from me as I am exploring a brand new area but I’m very excited and eager to dig into with a big taste of passion and dream.
My aim to make 1 million$ in 2 years starting with 20k/month. My ultimate dream is to open a big clinic and fitness center and I believe strongly that John Crestani will help me achieving this.
Very excited to chat with both of you guys!!!

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