Hello from Bon Air, Virginia

Hi - I’m Cat (Catherine) and I’m new.
I’m really looking forward getting to know you all and moving together toward a really, really bright future.

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Hi, Cat @totalsourceemp! We’re glad you took the initiative to join us here at SAS.
Welcome to the family!

Make sure to visit our knowledgebase, we have lots of helpful articles and info there.

And register for our weekly webinars if you haven’t yet. Every week we have a live Q&A session where you can ask questions, as well as a special training session where we’d be going over a chosen subject. . Here you can find the outline and replays of the latest sessions.

We wish you the best of luck with your affiliate marketing business. :smiley:

Lizette -

I was in ClickBank to get my ID so I could link it to the in-house server and guess what I found?

TWO SALES – I can’t figure out where they came from or how they happened!! Still learning how to read the site. But I have two sales today totalling $397 - paying me $183.11.

I poked at this with a few of John’s free youtube videos before purchasing the program, and all I can figure is that something stuck!



Hi Cat, welcome to this fabulous course and business. I started in January and already have a wealth of knowledge. It takes a little while to get up on creating landing pages and finding where to advertise. Google is not user friendly, but keep trying. I am using Udimi solo ads and I have started my own website with Bluehost. Note: if you want to advertise both with the SAS Panel and your own web site, you will need to have two DIFFERENT google Ad accounts. That was where I learned the hard way. Keep going, and keep attending the weekly trainings if you can.

wooooooowwwwwwwwww! that’s great! congratulations on your sale! :grin: :clap:

you will surely have more of it coming once you learn more about how to advertise better and scale your campaigns through the course.

way to go! :raised_hands:

Oh, Lynn. Thank you for your message.
I just checked the google campaign I created following the video step by step and they have suspended my account due to “violating the Circumventing systems policy” … I have no idea what that even means! I followed the video step by step and even used the pics and identical setting they used. Not really sure how to fix it! Honestly, I’m a bit frustrated, but don’t want to give up - so will keep plugging away!! Your message was an inspiration to me - thanks

Hey Cat @totalsourceemp, what a lovely and uplifting story…this is so EXCITING and you deserve every bit of this! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Now keep working yourself through the course modules and make sure to understand everything thoroughly. Work and keep your focus - then you can even multiply those numbers and let the money keep coming in :money_with_wings:

Please do us a favour and write a little success post in the SUCCESS STORY section. This will inspire all our other students too!

Thank you and again - we are so happy for you!