Hello from beautiful British Colombia, Canada

Hello everyone. I was involved in another affiliate marketing course when I came across some material by John Crestani and was intrigued. I have to say the energy John puts into his course and the hands on method of teaching appeals to me and I do sense results will come sooner as opposed to later if we do the work. Given I am a Luddite, even though I have used computers for years - the technology is probably my biggest challenge but I just have to be patient and work through it. I’m positive this program will pay off. Now I just have to hope that I’ve posted this in the Introductions area!

Judith @judithellen2 :relaxed:
Thanks for this beautiful and positive feedback! We are glad to hear that John’s energy is doing its work!
You placed your introduction just at the right spot - so do not worry about your technology knowledge… John is trying to put everything as simple as possible - you really do not need to be a computer enthusiast for this! And never forget that you have our whole community on your side - whenever you are stuck or something, simply search the forum or our Help Desk for related instructions and tutorials. I also encourage you to connect with the other wonderful people of our community - being connected will come in handy when you need to ask someone for help. Sharing knowledge and helping each other is the key to success!
My colleague Ilya is holding the Super Affiliate Live Training every Thursday for all our SAS members - this will be super helpful for you, as he will guide you step-by-step through selected weekly topics. On top you can directly address your question in the dedicated Question and Answer part of these sessions. If you cannot attend the live training you can of course also watch the replay video.
Judith, it’s great to have you aboard! Welcome from the whole SAS team…please enjoy the course and remember - success doesn’t come over night! It requires determination and hard work, but you will see - it’s absolutely worth it! All the best! :four_leaf_clover: