Hello everyone, I´m Frank

Hey, my name is Frank, living in Berlin/Germany. Member since yesterday evening. I made my first online experiences from 2010 to 2015 with my Website which sold a Non-fiction book on an area of ​​care in Germany called “Pflegeversicherung”. It made me 100 - 200 Euros each month, only with a little content marketing.
After major legislative changes, I didn’t want to completely rewrite the book and gave up on the project.
Since then I have had some tries in Affiliate Marketing, purchased some (a lot…) related Products (who don`t?). With very little success. I think SAS Pro is the very first Program that contains all that is needed:
Not only the Knowledge. It is very good that you cannot zap through the modules, but first have to go through a success check in order to be able to continue. This forces you to follow the correct order and act. And that’s VERY important to me at least.

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hi there, @pflegestufe! This is actually a good question.

Clickfunnels is optional. You may or may not use Clickfunnels depending on your preference.

We have added how to connect your Clickfunnels presell page to WordPress since Clickfunnels has advance and more efficient options than WordPress in terms of creating affiliate pages and funnels.

However, due to the cost of Clickfunnels, we have developed an in-house platform called SASPanel which is meant to replace Clickfunnels and eradicate the need for Bluehost, it’s a hosting platform that contains pre-loaded presell pages with your own affiliate ID integrated on them, and various additional tools while staying VERY simple.

And as an existing customer, you should get access to this for free.

You can register for the SASPanel here and check the article on how to sign up here.

Then you can watch the replay of the SASPanel training on this link.

And about having an opt-in page to collect emails is also optional.

It’s always easier for people to click a button when their email is not required to fill in, therefore not using an opt-in will yield more clicks for you, but gathering people’s emails gives you a chance of re-marketing, and capturing sales later. So it generally depends on your goal. To have a higher chance of selling right now, also when you don’t have an autoresponder series set yet, I’d recommend not using an opt-in page in the beginning, and then consider using it in the future, or adding an additional ad that leads to an opt-in presell page, that you’d spend lower budget on, for example.

Hope it makes sense.