Hello Everybody! I am from India

Hi. I am Ashik from India. I am a Sturctural Engineer with a decent salary to lead a average happy life!!! But I am getting tired constantly looking at daily transaction statement of Bank account to find where I can reduce expenditure to save money for emergency and future!:confounded: Finally I have got this BizOpp to jump-start my life to a new level where I do not have to look at my bank statement again.

Hey Ashik, we are glad you joined our course…so welcome to the family! Thank you for sharing your motivations with us -this course will surely supply you with all the knowledge needed to achieve your plans! And it’s great that you have your engineering background-even though it’s not a necessity it will surely help you and make things easier as you proceed with the course!

For starters I 'd really encourage you to be an active participant in this forum here. We are all here to help one another- so if you regularly offer your help, so will the others do in return to you😎 And you should also get familiar with our team right over here in case you will need a little help. :wink:

My second big suggestion would be that you regularly participate in our weekly WEBINARS, where you will also find replay videos of each session- so whenever you will see yourself having some extra capacity, go knock yourself out💪 If you are willing to work hard I promise - you will learn so much!!!

So see you around and make sure you keep us updated! Enjoy the course!

Hi Ashik! This is me too! I program pressure vessel analysis software, but I’ve been feeling limited, even by my engineering salary. Diversifying income just makes sense! I wish you all the best!