Hello every body

My name is Shaikha Hazaa from Qatar i’m so excited to be here , i’m big fan of John i subscribed to his channel in youtube and i saw all his videos in youtube and every where i believe in him and his journey and he inspireing me to start in affiliate marketing world , i saw a lot of trainings for affiliate but no one understand me like John i want to be like him , i was affraid to faild , specially since my native language is not English. but i can understand everything because i really want to be here and make successful together with all of you .
thank you


Welcome to the community, Shaikha!
His Youtube videos really are great, and surprisingly a missed resource by many, so I’m glad you mentioned it!

You seem super enthusiastic about getting started with the course, so I hope you’ll enjoy the replay videos of our live training sessions. They should be really helpful for you because you can re-watch them as many times as necessary. If you haven’t found them yet, they’re available on your member dashboard. :slight_smile: