Hello all, my name is Timothy

My name is Timothy.

I became interested in internet marketing as a teenager but didn’t take action because I asked my dad permission to sign up for a website, and he said no. I had the money saved up for it and felt crushed he didn’t approve of my goal. In retrospect I wish I had acted on my goal then, with or without “permission”.

I am way stoked to be learning about affiliate marketing and this “profit cycle” that John talks about. It sounds like a powerful way to build wealth.

I have a pretty nice job in software but would love to create a high enough income from internet marketing that it became a no-brainer to quit my job and focus all my time on efforts on building an internet business.

Here we go!


We’re glad you took the step to finally join us here at SAS, @timothysteele100!

Looking forward to helping you build your internet business.

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We wish you the best of luck with your affiliate marketing business.

I can appreciate you’re feeling stoked to finally learn this stuff.

Godspeed! :wink: