~ Happy to be on board- From LA!

Hey there, I’m Audriana.

My goal from this course is that it will help me & husband financially, being able to help my family more and most of all is to quit my 9-5 job that’s been stressing me out.

I’m looking to make 5k- 10k a month, and I believe within this course I can do it if I put in the work!

Blessings to everyone! :heart:

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Hey Audriana, welcome to the community!
We are happy to have you here and we are looking forward to see you succeed with your plans!

I really encourage you to join in on the topics and start creating your own as you go through the course. But first you can get familiar with our team right over here in case you will need a little help. :wink:

Also I suggest you participate in our weekly WEBINARS, where you will also find replay videos of each session- so do not worry if you can’t make it for the live sessions.

So, again big welcome and don’t forget to keep us updated :hugs:

And now jump right in and enjoy the course!


Hi Audriana! I’m not there yet myself, but I totally think it’s possible - seems like a lot of people here have been able to make it happen. I hope we both can make that kind of income! :smiley:

Best of luck!


Hello Audriana. Nice to meet you. You can leave your 9-5, just like I am going to. That is why we made the right decision to join. See you at the top!


hey audriana, my names levon im here like you trying to make a better life for my family. we to are from LA. good luck to you on your mi$$ion.

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