Happy to be here - from Bay Area SF

Hi everyone. I’m Colleen and I’m from the Bay Area. I’m excited about the SAS course and I want to learn as fast as possible!



Welcome to the community, Colleen! What do you currently do for a living and what are your goals?

Here’s the SAS team so you can get familiar with a few of the faces you’ll see here in the forum.

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Hi @roh. I want to live a life of freedom so I can travel. One of my goals is to retire my parents and buy them a house.

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Hi Colleen,

Welcome to SAS community, I live in the Bay Area also (eastbay) what part of the Bay Area are you?

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@JAJK5 The Peninsula. You?

The EastBay Pleasanton/Livermore area.

Cool. :slight_smile: How is the course going for you?

All the best Colleen. All the best for the future.

Hi Jajks, Nice choice, great future