Haddad Link Invalid

johncrestani.com/haddad link is invalid.

Send email to support team.

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Today May 02, 2019!
Decided to open this JC.com/Haddad website; and searching and searching to, as I understand now, no avail! Now I read the link is “invalid” or whatever and so far as I can determine NOTHING is being said about it by the staff! Wonderful!


Send us an email and we’ll get you access :slight_smile:

Why don’t you correct the information on the ‘Video’ because you are aware of this discrepancy for some time!

The case studies form part of the jet set xtreme upgrade so we need to manually add this to your account.

One month later. The information is still being given out to go to an Invalid Website. Is there another way to view the content?



The link will show as invalid if we have not added the upgrade to your account. We need to manually add this so please send a request to [email protected].

Hi Sabrina,
I am currently at home trying to finish week 5 of the Split Testing training, the next video is common mistakes. It won’t allow me to move forward with the program and continues to try bringing me back to watch the entire program all over again. What’s the matter with the program?