Grow The Green, Cut The Red

Hello everyone :grinning:

Should I “Grow”, “Cut” or wait for more data? I have an ad running since 5th Jan with $167 lifetime budget, desktop only, engaged shoppers, diet lookalike audiences for CA and USA.

I have made various changes to ad copy and the Clickfunnels Presell page when Facebook hit me with a “poor ad experience” penalty 2-3 times over the current ad lifetime.

Current Results:
Link Clicks = 282
Reach = 3,911
Impressions = 4,733
Spent = $78.81
3 comments, 4 shares
CPC (All) = $0.14
CTR (All) = 11.52%
CTR (Unique) = 7.08%
Relevance = 6 (started for first week at 10!)
Hops = 96
Order Form Impressions = 2
Sales = 0

Thank you for your advice, it is truly appreciated.


Fb CTR (282/4733=6%) is fairly normal.

Fb CPC ($78.81/282-$0.27 per click) is extremely low, and indicative that you may have mobile traffic still turned on OR are targeting a low quality, non first world country.

Hops are surprisingly good! The fact that 33% (96/282=33%) are moving from your presell page, is totally normal, but given that your cost per click is so low, you’re doing really well!

Order form impressions are great! Generally speaking, you will be profitable with SAS as long as you are below $100 per order form impression. In this case you are only spending ~$40 per order form impression ($78/2=$39), so you are doing fantastic.

Keep it up and Im sure you’ll see sales soon. Roughly 10-20% of order form impressions turn into a sale. Or stated another way 1in5 to 1in10 O.F. Imps turn into a sale.

That said, Im not sure if you are advertising SAS or not, which many of the numbers I put in are based on. What program are you advertising?


Hey John

Great to get your comments and motivation to keep going. It means the world to me that you gave of your time to reply and so fully.

This is an ad for The Two Week Diet and under coaches advice will start running SAS FB campaign very soon.

Hope to see you on the weekly webinar tomorrow or if just Sara again, that’s cool, too.

Thanks again, John :grinning:

Hmm. The two week diet is on page 3, even within its category of ‘diet programs’ on clickbank, so I dont think you’re promtojg the best product there, or giving yourself the best chance of success. To advertise the 25th best diet program would be like opening up the 25th most popular hamburger franchise… I just looked up the 25th most popular hamburger franchise and its called ‘Liberty Burger’. That doesnt even compare to opening up a McDonalds.

I’d suggest you switch the product your promoting. The mobile traffic can work here since what you’re promoting is low-ticket, but the biggest problem I see is that you aren’t promoting the best product in the category.

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