Greetings from Western Canada

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year. Rob here from the west coast of Canada. A newbie to SAS and looking forward to interacting with the group. Been a manager of a enviromental company for many years. Reached the peak of my career so its time to take control of my time. Creating a passive income to give freedom while Im still young

HEllo, happy New Year to everyone. I have been a professor of Mathematics and Bio-mathematics for
almost 35 years and retired. Now looking to do something different. I was a pure Mathematician, I now to learn the new subject
I am from Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Name: Arta Trana Dash

Hello Everyone,

I am from Alberta,Canada and happy too join the SAS team.

Excited to learn and grow. I’m new too this industry and would like to communicate with you all to get to know you better as well as make sure I’m doing what’s necessary to make money.

I have many things to say and lots of questions.

Hope all is well and Happy New year to everyone.